ATU Local 757, Portland, OR

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Pursuant to Section 22.6 of the Constitution and General Laws, a special meeting has been scheduled in order to allow the defense of CTRAN Liaison Officer John Shreves and Member Scott Miller, also of CTRAN.

The Trial Board will present its recommendation at the opening of the meeting. Brother Shreves and Brother Miller will then be permitted to present oral arguments in their defense. All attending will then vote on whether to adopt or reject the recommendation of the Trial Board.

All ATU 757 members in good standing are eligible to attend this meeting and submit a vote. There will be no other opportunity to submit a vote. This meeting is in addition to, and not a continuation of, the normal monthly meeting. FULL POSTING>>

On August 30, 2016 at 8:30 am a Trial Board will meet at the Union Hall to hear the preferred charges. FULL POSTING>>

Once again, we have found ourselves in a situation where everything was going fine until Randy Stedman showed up. This morning ATU 757 President and Vice President, along with your maintenance Executive Board officers, were ready to go pick up newly hired service workers and apprentices for orientation. This orientation had been scheduled BY TRIMET for today. Silly us, the entire group, including office staff, rescheduled their day to make this orientation possible. FULL STORY>>

TriMet is looking for operators to work overtime August 21st through September 3rd during the Rose Quarter closure. These are all straight runs, garage to garage, and plenty of weekday slots. For more information, please speak with your station agent.

In conjunction with the release of the video on Operator Assaults, President Hanley is asking for all of our operators to take part in this survey: OPERATOR ASSAULT SURVEY>>

As you know, the International Union has an ongoing campaign to expose and stop assaults on our members. There are many facets to their ongoing campaign. Here is a video showing the real life experiences of just some of our members who have been assaulted. It has been seen online in several outlets and has been very well received. More to follow.

Also, feel free to post on social media and show to your brothers and sisters.

Please join us SUNDAY, JULY 24th for the ATU Picnic at Chinook A & B, Blue Lake Park, 20500 NE Marine Dr, Fairview, OR 97024, beginning at 10:00 am. The picnic will be catered by Terrel's Texas Bar-B-Que. Parking at Blue Lake is $5.00 per vehicle. Entertainment will include Bingo, music by the Kirk Green Band, a Watermelon-Eating Contest and many other activities. To claim prizes, winners mut be present when numbers are announced. We look forward to enjoying the pleasure of your company! If you're interested in volunteering, please contact the Union Office at 503 232-9144.

Retirees - Please join us WEDNESDAY, JULY 6th for the Re tirees' Picnic at Woodstock Park, SE 47th Avenue & Steele Street, Portland, beginning at 11:00 am. The picnic will be catered by Terrel's Texas Bar-B-Que and the cost is $15 per person. Please make checks payable to Retired Transit Employees and mail to Retired Transit Employees. Address is 1801 NE Couch Street, Portland, OR 97232. Remember, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

The ATU 757 Annual Picnic will be held at Blue Lake Park Chinook A & B again this year beginning at 10:00 am on Sunday, July 24th, 2016. Please come and enjoy the day with us! Bring your own picnic lunch or enjoy Terrel's Texas Bar-B-Que. Pets are not allowed, except service animals. Parking at Blue Lake is $5.00 per vehicle. Please sign in at registration to receive your meal and raffle ticket for the prize drawing.

Please remember that if you are summoned to an interview with any manager regarding your responses to TriMet’s confidential survey, you do have the right to have your union representative present to assist you in the interview. If you have any questions please call the union office at 503-232-9144.

Retirees - Please join us WEDNESDAY, JULY 6th for the REtirees' Picnic at Woodstock Park, SE 47th Avenue & Steele Street, Portland, beginning at 11:00 am. The picnic will be catered by Terrel's Texas Bar-B-Que and the cost is $15 per person. Please make checks payable to Retired Transit Employees and mail to Retired Transit Employees. Address is 1801 NE Couch Street, Portland, OR 97232. Remember, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

The position of Executive Board Officer, TriMet Powell Maintenance is now open. Those interested in serving in this position may send letters of interest to the Union office for consideration by the Executive Board on July 18, 2016 and membership ratification at the meetings that follow.

The position of Executive Board Officer, TriMet Merlo Transportation is now open. Those interested in serving in this position may send letters of interest to the Union office for consideration by the Executive Board on July 18th, 2016 and membership ratification at the meetings that follow.

The Union office will be closed on Monday, May 30th, 2016 in celebration of Memorial Day. The office will reopen at 8:30 am Tuesday morning, May 31st, 2016.

There will be a bus leaving Center Street at TriMet tomorrow at 10:00 am to take anyone who wants to go to the memorial service for Bill.

Services in memory of Brother Bill Wimmer, ATU 757 Retired Members’ President, will be held 10:30 am Wednesday, May 25th, 2016, at Mt Scott Funeral Home, 4205 SE 59th Ave, Portland, OR 97206. All are welcome.

Make sure to vote! Oregon Voters, get your ballots in by 8 pm tonight. For information on where to drop off your ballots>>

We are grieved by the passing early this morning of our Retired Chapter President Bill Wimmer.

Details on a service or memorial will be posted once we have them.

This press release regarding the ATU 757 – TriMet contract was sent out today by the Local to all our local media contacts:

We have received TriMet's request to extend the contract for two years. Any action on this offer will have to be presented to the membership for approval.

The Union can not take a position on Trimet's offer until it has been thoroughly reviewed and presented to our membership. We have a number of concerns about the current contract, and need the opportunity to engage our members on possible changes or solutions before we can accept or reject TriMet's offer. This is something which will be conducted by mail and we appreciate TriMet's offer to cover the costs. Press Release>>

Lately we have been hearing from some of our new TriMet members that they are be ing provided with conflicting information regarding the length of their probationary period. The answer to how long that period lasts is 120 days. Please see this attached letter for clarification>>


Brothers and Sisters, as you may already know, today is the final day for Oregon voters to update their voter registration to be registered as either a Democrat or Republican. As Oregon is a closed primary, in order to vote for one of the Presidential candidates, you have to be registered with the party of the candidate that you support. For instance, that means if you want to vote for Bernie Sanders - for example, since ATU endorsed him - you will only be able to do so if you register as a Democrat by today.

So if necessary, We encourage you to update your registration today! It only takes a minute if you go to this link!

In today's Rerun Election run by the Department of Labor at ATU 757, Shirley Block won the race for President - Business Representative and Jonathan Hunt won the race for Vice President - Assistant Business Representative. TrueBallot Election Report>>

Our apologies for the late notice, but for those of you who are interested in supporting Bernie Sanders, he supports many of the issues we are working for in our unions across our state. There is an event for him taking place on Sunday, April 24th from 12 pm – 6 m.

RSVP here and invite your friends to join!

You're invited to join your neighbors and supporters to knock on the doors of supporters and undecided voters. We'll provide you with a script, a list of voters that you'll be talking to, and a map of where to go. We'll also train you to use your time effectively out in the field. You'll be able to talk to real people about how this country belongs to all of us, not just the billionaire class. Our victory starts with us knocking on doors together!

Please join us Wednesday, July 6th for the Retirees' Picnic at Woodstock Park beginning at 11:00 am. SE 47th Avenue & Steele Street, Portland. The picnic will be catered by Terrell’s and the cost is $15.00 per person. Please make checks payable to the Retired Transit Employees and mail to0 1801 NE Couch Street, Portland, OR 97232.

ATU 757 is supporting Ballot Measure 15-141, the Local Option Tax for Sustaining and Expanding Local Bus Operations in Rogue Valley. If approved, this levy will maintain current bus service, prevent significant service cuts, and will restore Saturday service and increase frequency on overcrowded routes.

The International has contributed $10,000 to the Rogue Valley Transit Now campaign, which is the local group leading the political campaign to pass this local tax levy. Ballots are being mailed out at the end of April and the primary election is May 17th. Please make sure to mail in our ballots and vote to pass this measure! (The deadline for citizens currently not registered to vote in the State of Oregon for the May 17th Primary Election is Tuesday, April 26th.) Read Posting and Ballot Measure>>

Attached please find two documents from the Department of Labor and the Office of Labor Management Standards directed to ATU 757. One is a Fact Sheet on the Prohibition Against Certain Persons Holding Union Office or Employment and the other is a certified letter from the US Department of Labor to President Block about the prohibition of a former candidate from holding union office. OLMS Fact Sheet | prohibiting participation of former candidate

The attached union bylaw proposals will be voted on at the next continuation Union Meeting beginning March 21, 2016. Pursuant to Section 13.2 of our Constitution and General Laws, the proposed bylaw amendments require a 2/3rds majority vote of members present at all continuation meetings, provided a quorum is present, and approval of the International President in order to become effective. BYLAWS PROPOSALS>>

As most of our TriMet folks know, our last contract with TriMet changed our retirees’ medical issues substantially. Our retirees are among our most vulnerable members. Without the ability to increase their wages, or work an extra day to make ends meet. This means they are having to make tough decisions on what they will go without in order to have health nsurance. Please join me in changing our Constitution to allow our retirees to have a voice and a VOTE! Amendment>>

Attached please find a pdf of correspondence from the Department of Labor regarding the rerun of the elections for President and Vice President of ATU 757. To read the correspondence>>

Correspondence from President Block to TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane regarding the 2005 Side Letter Agreement on Rest and Meal Breaks at TriMet. Correspondence to Mr. McFarlane>>| Letter to BOLI on Rest and Meal Breaks

ATU 757 Members: I wanted to share with all of you various tactics used by some in management to erode collective bargaining rights and to cause infighting among members. An illustrative example is the recent "block runs" issue at TriMet.

TriMet convinced the former leader of the Union to agree to change how bus operators and other transportation employees bid their run and work assignments. The agreement was made and signed without a vote of the membership, and diminished seniority rights which affected hours of work, work location, run assignments, etc. These changes appeared to benefit low seniority employees at the expense of high seniority employees, providing for and causing a rift between employees; those who had seniority and wanted to keep it, and those with low seniority who benefited from the change without membership approval.

This was a deliberate tactic used by TriMet management to pit union members against one another. Be aware of similar tactics that may be used at your property, and don't let management turn you against your fellow workers! Block Runs Correspondence| Canceling Orientation Correspondence

Attached are photos taken of TriMet meal and lunch break areas, and show how TriMet is failing to provide clean facilities for its employees. TriMet's refusal to ensure clean and safe facilities is a disgrace and shows their lack of empathy for employees. Note: These have been forwarded to Portland media already.

The restrooms used by management don't look like this. They don't have to smell mold and mildew on a daily basis. Why should their employees? Cleveland Op Breakroom | Cleveland Operator Shack |Cleveland Restroom | Gresham |Hatfield Operators' Shack | Hatfield Operators' Station

Accepting the Community Leadership Award above are Dick Fondahn, Valley Transit General Manager, Michelle Abbott, bus driver with the highest safe operator award of 18 years, and ATU 757 Transit Union Officers Mark Brotherton and Randal Son. Valley Transit operates fixed route public transit, Dial-A-Ride paratransit services for the elderly and disabled, and Job Access services for qualifying employees of local businesses. READ MORE>>

TriMet union employees should or will receive a memo regarding the new Oregon Sick Leave Law from Randy Stedman, TriMet's union-buster labor relations partner representing Neil McFarlane.

TriMet's proposal to change our current Working and Wage Agreement is unacceptable. The new law does not mandate changes to sick leave provisions in a collective bargaining agreement that is less than what the Union negotiated for its members. FULL TRACKING FASTER>>

President Block's letter to TriMet's Stedman regarding the New Oregon Sick Leave Law

On a sad note one of our fellow members and to a lot of us a good friend passed away. Eric Stiller will be missed by quite a few of us. There will be a public memorial at the Western Seminary Johnson Chapel, 5511 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland. February 20, 2016 at 2 pm.

The ATU 757 Union office will be closed for Martin Luther King Day on Monday, January 18th. The office will open once again on Tuesday, January 19th at 8:30 am.

Congratulations to Doreen Clark for her decisive win in the vote for TriMet Center Street Extra Board Liaison Officer.

MV Salem ATU 757 Negotiating team hard at work at the union office. From left, Vice President Jonathan Hunt, MV Salem member Frank Brown, Shop Steward Bart Wood, ATU 757 President Shirley Block and Liaison Officer Josh Taverne.

The position of Liaison Officer, TrIMet Powell Garage ExtraBoard is now open. Those interested in serving in this position may send letters of interest to the Union office for consideration by the Executive Board on February 15th and at the meetings to follow.

ATU 757 will be holding the regular monthly day meeting as scheduled this morning at 10:00 am. We look forward to seeing you here at the union office if you can make it!

Due to weather conditions, tonight's Charter meeting will be canceled. Status of ATU day meeting still contingent on weather conditions, call the ATU union office at 503-232-9144 before showing up.

The ATU 757 Office will be closed for the Holidays on Thursday, December 24th and will open again on Monday, December 28th at 8:30 am. If you need to speak to an officer in the meantime please call your officer on their cell phone. (See Officers' page on the website.) Happy Holidays!

A few of our members have expressed interest in the content of the training the Union's Full-Time officers received in November. We have downloaded and attached the Powerpoint Presentations (they are in pdf format) for everyone's reading pleasure here>>

This Saturday Santa Claus will be handing out presents to all of our ATU 757 children and grandchildren, 16 and under. Please join us for a cup of hot cocoa and cookies! FLYER>>

The ATU Food Drive is underway and barrels are in most work areas. Any donation of non-perishable food is welcome and critically needed. We here at 757 are somewhat shielded as we have jobs and it is all too easy too forget where we came from. All of us at one time or another have come close to wondering how we are going to supply for our families’ needs, so please think about that and give generously. The Oregon Food Bank says a cash donation of $10 is actually equivalent to 30 meals, due to the way the Food Bank buys from suppliers.
Our Brothers and Sisters at Merlo Operations have been absolutely killing it the last few years with hundreds of pounds donated, so let us all jump in this year with a generous donation and make this one our biggest yet. We need to reach 3000lbs to beat our previous best! The barrels will be out until the 19th of December, the Saturday before Christmas.
A new element this year is a method to donate funds directly to the Oregon Food Bank at this link: Virtual Fund Drive

All ballots for this vote have been counted and in a landslide, the membership wants to go back to cafeteria-style sign-up. If you have any questions, please call your Executive Board Officer.

Receipts for the ATU's Child, Disabled, and Elder Care Reimbursement Program for the current six-month period are due by December 10th, 2015. The amount of reimbursement remains a maximum of $ per member per 6-month period. Instructions and Form

Join us Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 for ATU 757's Annual Retiree Holiday Party beginning at 10:30 am. The dinner will be held at Westmoreland's Union Manor, 6404 SE 23rd Ave., Portland and the meal will be catered by Hubers. Tickets: $15 per person, plus $5 annual Retiree dues. Checks may be made payable in advance to the Transit Retirees.

Your officers will be contacting you in the near future with a survey concerning your interest in apprenticeship programs. We are requesting your assistance in filling out this survey and giving it back to your union officer.

This is a follow-up to our previous survey, ATU 757 is not in agreement with TriMet concerning seniority between outside hires and those who are currently employed by TriMet. This survey will assist us in working out an agreement with TriMet to recognize those who are currently on property but have yet to enter into an apprenticeship program. FOLLOW-UP SURVEY>>

US Senator Jeff Merkley with ATU 757 Retirees Eb Block and Robert de Block at the Oregon AFL CIO Convention

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) released an Advisory Opinion today that finds Uber drivers are employees, rather than independent contractors, under Oregon’s labor laws. The Oregon AFL-CIO supports BOLI’s opinion on this important issue, the findings of which may impact the growing practice of mislabeling workers as independent contractors in numerous industries. FULL STORY>>

Please read the attached updated challenges regarding the 2015 ATU 757 officer elections held on June 23rd this year. At the October Charter and Continuation meetings these challenges will be discussed and voted on. Revised EBoard Recommendations>>

ATU 757 marching in the Beaverton City Parade on September 12th, 2015. Link to Facebook album.

ATU 757 President Shirley Block and Financial Secretary Treasurer Mary Longoria present Labor Community Services with $600 from the ATU 757 50/50/ picnic raffle.

Attached for your review and duplication is the official 2015-2016 Luther "Luke" Hall Memorial Application Scholarship form and instructions for potential applicants. The 2015-2016 Scholarships are in remembrance of retired International Vice President Luther Hall, who passed away on April 28th, 2014.

This year, the program will consist of five scholarships each in the amount of $8000. In addition, a $2,000 scholarship may be awarded to a vocational school applicant. FULL STORY>>

The Union office will be closed for Labor Day, September 7th. The office will open again at 8:30 am Tuesday, September 8th.

The Lane Transit District ATU 757 members who rode all the way up to Portland to attend the ATU 757 picnic

Join us at Blue Lake Park, Chinook A B on August 30th, 2015 for the ATU 757 Annual Summer picnic. BBQ lunch to be provided by Terrel’s Texas BBQ, music by the Kirk Green Band. Parking is $5.
Lunch served from 11:30 – 2:30.
We look forward to seeing you there! FLYER>>

Join us tomorrow for the Retirees' picnic at Woodstock Park beginning at 11:00 am. SE 47th Avenue & Steele Street, Portland. The cost is $10.00 per person. Please make checks payable to the Retired Transit Employees.

I received your letter today in which you acknowledge that both sides in labor relations between TriMet and ATU 757 decide who will represent them in related matters. I understand from your letter that you have chosen Randy Stedman to represent you and asked that future correspondence be addressed to him.
We represent your right to designate and delegate anyone to represent you on matters concerning the relationship between ATU 757 and TriMet, however, I believe it is necessary that you as the leader of TriMet be kept apprised of labor relation activities. As the leaders of ATU 757 and TriMet, we need to at least know what is happening in terms of labor relations so neither of us can claim ignorance. Full Letter>>

Last night ATU International Financial Secretary Treasurer Oscar Owens swore in all present ATU 757 officers for 2015 at the AFL CIO.

Photo Credit: Paul Headley

If your employers are seeking to negotiate or impose new rules about the hours of service, be assured that this is their wish to get ahead of the federal government, NOT a directive of any kind from any government source. Full Email>>

Dear Mr. McFarlane:

I am writing to inform you that the Union hereby rescinds in its entirety, the Four-Day Operator and Packaging Program agreement dated August 15, 2014. Full Letter>>

The Pacific Northwest Labor History Association (PNLHA) will commemorate “Bloody Wednesday” at Pier Park this Saturday at 2:30 PM. Local historians will lead a guided walk at Pier Park, discussing what happened that day, the meaning it had for participants, and the strike’s role in Portland’s history. Bloody Wednesday Poster>>

This link from the NW Labor Press provides a really good article about Portland's Bloody Wednesday;

Dear ATU Sisters and Brothers,

The 2015 ATU Officer Election has come to a close. While we are pleased to have announced the results of the election, the Election Committee extends our congratulations to all candidates who put their names forward to serve our Union. You have our respect. In addition, the Election Committee offers our appreciation to all members who worked in support of one or more candidates or who cast ballots in the election. You have strengthened the democracy of our Union.

With the elections behind us, the Election Committee now urges all officers, leaders and members of our Union to band together as an unbreakable union. While elections are a time to highlight the differences in our visions for the Union, the inescapable reality is that the strength and power of the Union lies in our unity. It is now time for us to put our differences aside, support all of our elected officers and work for the common goal of winning for ATU members.

The next few years will present enormous challenges to us as a Union. Billionaires such as the Koch brothers, along with anti-worker organizations such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), are actively moving an agenda to curtail the voice of working people. A right-to-work (for less) measure is likely to be on the Oregon ballot in 2016. The U.S. Supreme Court may very well consider a case to strip public employees of our right to freely bargain union security clauses with our employers. These efforts are intended to lower the standard of living for middle class workers and our families. While internal elections are often divisive, the Election Committee urges all members to join together in the fight for our bargaining rights, our contracts and our Union.

The Election Committee is excited to join with our newly elected officers, as well as all ATU members, in this struggle.

In solidarity,

2015 ATU Election Committee: Gary Spore, John Jamison, Lonnie Johnson, Sandy Wiseman, Danny Taitague

Final Election Results

ATU 757 Member Rose Jordan became the NW Representative of the first ATU International Black Caucus: Stephanie Barnes, Local 1555, Eric Dickinson Local 308, Antoine Mabon Local 770, Pandora Holman Local 788, Rose Jordan Local 757, Karen Maxwell Local 589, and Anthony Watson Local 113.

Swearing in of the officers of the ATU International Black Caucus, May 30, 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennslvania.

Come out to the next Black Caucus meeting Saturday, July 18th from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm at the Union office. This will be a meeting with an open agenda. We look forward to seeing you there. Notice>>

The tally will begin at approximately 9:00 A.M. beginning with the retrieval of ballots from Portland's main Post Office. Candidates are permitted to attend the vote count. If you are unable to attend, you may designate an Observer to be present on your behalf. We need a head count in order to set up the tally room. If you are planning to attend or send an Observer, we ask that you notify the Election Committee by noon on Monday, June 22nd. You may contact the Committee via email at or by telephone at 503-701-3399. Observer Notice>>

Saturday evening, June 6th, ATU 757 TriMet member and Shop Steward Linda Jauron-Mills of Merlo Garage was recognized for her commitment to ATU 757 and the labor movement, and received an award for all the work she contributes as a volunteer. Linda Jauron-Mills with ATU 757 Vice President Jonathan Hunt and Financial Secretary Treasurer Mary Longoria.

As part of our effort to help keep you informed about health and safety issues, and your rights on the job, we are sending you the next ATU Bulletin. With the the official start of summer, temperatures are soaring and many of us will face dangerously hot and humid conditions on the job. The subject of this next ATU Bulletin is “Heat Stress Safety.”

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 30th is Portland’s famous Starlight Parade which ATU 757 is pleased to be participating in for the first time this year. If you would be interested in riding on the bus or walking beside it at the Parade, please join us on 8th Avenue, between Flanders and Glisan by 8:30 pm on May 30th. We look forward to seeing you there!

At the June 8th, 2015 Charter meeting and continuation meetings, ATU members will consider whether charges preferred against Brother Dan Martin are worthy of being further entertained and considered. CHARGES>>

All receipts for the ATU's Child, Disabled, and Elder Care Reimbursement Program for the current six month period are due by June 12th, 2015. Reimbursement for this 6-month period will be a total of $150.

In order to receive payment for the period of December 1, 2014-May 31st, 2015 you must submit proof of the payment along with your caretaker's name and tax id/social security number (if these have not already been provided) on or before June 12th. You will not be reimbursed without proof of payment. You may submit your receipts by mail or fax or you may e-mail them to

Congratulations to our Mechanics at First Student Portland. We are pleased to announce that they have voted to accept their new contract.

We are charging $10.00 per person for the Annual Retirees' Picnic, which will be held August 25th at Woodstock Park SE 47th & Steele Street from 11:00 am to 3 pm. To pre-pay for this please make checks payable to the Retired Transit Employees and send them to the Union office at 1801 NE Couch Street, Portland OR 97232-3054 in care of the Retired Transit Employees.

We are pleased to announce that the membership voted unanimously to accept the CTRAN Supervisors/Analysts Contract. Congratulations to our CTRAN Supervisors and Analysts!

Beginning May 11 representatives will be on hand at five locations around TriMet to speak with you about free resources that are available to you as TriMet employees. They will screen glucose and cholesterol levels, and BMI and blood pressure. See the flyer for dates and locations. FLYER>>

The Latino Caucus is open to any and everyone to join. Any member in good standing with the ATU may become a member. The next meeting will be held May 17th, at 11:00 am at Round Table Pizza at NE 122nd and Prescott Street in Portland. FLYER>>

The Bylaws Proposal whereby First Transit Regions 1, 2, and 3 would each have acquired an Executive Board Officer to represent them did not pass.

Much of the success of the upcoming Union officer elections depends upon the Union having the correct address for its members.

If you have not been receiving the Labor Press, then the Union does not have your correct address. Also, if you have recently moved, the Union will not have your address. Finally, if you have just been employed, the Union may not have received your paperwork with your address.

Please contact the Union office immediately with your correct address so that we can update our membership records and ensure that you receive a ballot in a timely manner. Correct Address Posting>>

On Saturday, April 18th Oregon's unions and our allies in the fight for fair trade are holding rallies & marches across the state as part of a national day of action to shut down Fast Track and stand up for fair trade that puts workers first - instead of corporate profits. FLYER>>

This is in response to inquiries the International has received regarding the maintenance of wheelchair lifts by public transit agencies. The attached is intended to provide general guidance to our local unions regarding the applicable FTA requirements. REQUIREMENTS>>

This week is National Public Health Week. Most people focus on exercise, diet and stress relief, but choosing the right doctor is just as important. The latest ATU Bulletin, offers tips on how to find the best doctor for you and your family. ATU BULLETIN>>

Join your fellow union members Tuesday, April 7th at the County Commissioners' meeting to send a message that Right to Work is not going to happen on our watch. Additional Information on David Madore's Resolutions and Right to Work | FLYER>>

The Trans-Pacific Partnership will have serious impacts on Oregon's workers, and if pushed through Congress by using a Fast Track we will have no chance to make it work for working people. Get the facts about the TPP's impact on Oregon and how your union can join the movement to fight for fair trade, and be involved in the National Day of Action coming up on April 18th. FLYER>>

Join us on May 9th at Colwood Golf Center for the ATU Black Caucus's Masquerade Gala. Formal dress is required, and the event begins at 9:00 pm. Tickets are $50.00 per person, $85.00 per couple. Questions? Contact Rose Jordan 503-933-2108. FLYER

Congratulations to our duly elected, 2015 ATU Election Committee Members: John Jamison, Operator Merlo Garage, TriMet, Lonnie Johnson, Operator C-TRAN, Gary Spore, Operator Salem, Danny Taitague, Mechanic Powell Garage, TriMet, and Sandy Wiseman, Operator Powell Garage, TriMet.

Join us March 14th, 4:00 pm at the Union office at 18th & Couch. On the agenda is planning our next big event. We'd love to hear your ideas! FLYER>>

This excellent article on restroom access issues quotes one of ATU 757's drivers and appears in the International Business Times. ARTICLE>>

The APTA (American Public Transportation Association) Call Center Challenge recognizes the outstanding efforts of APTA member transit system call center personnel. On February 24th, the best public transit call center personnel faced off in a competition to crown the best in the industry. TriMet employee Billy Smith won this year's challenge at APTA's Marketing & Communications workshop in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Here are pictures of the Welcome Home group for Billy Smith at PDX after he won the APTA Challenge.
APTA's Press Release>>

Washington state ATU members were out in full force with activists at a rally to protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the largest--and worst --trade deal most have never heard of, and efforts by Republicans to work with the Obama administration to "fast track" its passage. Watch this video of Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich to learn why it’s so bad for transit workers and all working families. Video>> Video>>

Enjoy 50% employee discount at the Adidas Village Store. Coupon>>

ATU 757 General Counsel Lane Toensmeier and someone to speak on the single payer health care information will be speaking at the March 4th Retirees' meeting.

Why Should Transit Workers Care about Trade Policies? Read more>>

Powell Transportation Officer Dan Martin's labor press article was inadvertently left out of the February Labor Press but can be found here at the link>>

Rose LeMasters, Ben Fain, TriMet Executive Board Officer Shirley Block, and Retiree Board Member Robert deBlock representing ATU 757 at the Health Care for ALL Oregon Rally in Salem.

Photo Credit: Linda Jauron-Mills

You must submit your nomination request and acceptance in writing to the ATU Financial Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Longoria, before the start of the March 9, 2015 charter meeting. Nominations can also be made from the floor at the Monday charter meeting only. These are the only two ways nominations can be submitted.

The ATU Election Committee meets frequently during the months of April, May and June. All of its members must commit to attending all of the committee’s meetings. If you have scheduled vacation time during April, May and June, please do not seek nomination unless you will remain available to work on the committee. Notice>>

Robert DeBlock has volunteered to drive the ATU bus to the Health Care for All Rally in Salem on Wednesday, February 11, 2015. Meet at the Union office. If interested, please call Robert at 503-771-2620 or the ATU office at 503-232-9144.Rally flyer

The Events Calendar has been updated! Calendar>>

Services for ATU Retiree Dale Helmer will be held on Saturday, February 7, at 1:00 pm at Willamette National.

Congratulations to Rogue Valley Tansportation District's newest Million Miles Members. This award is for travelling over 1,000,000 miles or equivalent of 25,000 hours of driving without a preventable accident.

Nicole Longoria and Anna Markee representing ATU 757 at Saturday's 15 NOW rally in Salem.

Photo Credit: NW Labor Press

JT Tims, First Student Portland ATU 757 member, turned 90 on January 20th and celebrated with a potluck lunch with his fellow drivers.

First Student Portland Executive Board Officer Anna Tompte, ATU 757 Vice President Jonathan Hunt, and JT Tims.

This Saturday, January 24th join us for the Rally at the Capitol in Salem, as bills for a $15 minimum wage are being introduced in the State House and Senate for the 2015 session. If we get enough interest we will take the ATU bus, so if you are interested please contact Ben Fain at 503-680-9227 or FLYER>>

Shirley Brost, Retirement Plan Specialist from ICMA-RC will be on site in the upcoming days. All employees—not just operators—are welcome at whichever location works best for you. Individual employees are also welcome to contact Shirley directly (toll-free 1-855-253-1203 or to discuss their deferred compensation 457 and defined contribution 401a plans. Schedule>>

MV Salem Liaison Officer Josh Taverne attending ATU International Training in Washington DC. ATU International President Larry Hanley at the International Training in DC.

In an effort to keep members informed about health and safety issues, and their rights on the job, the International will be regularly emailing us ATU BUlletings. These will focus on a wide variety of topics impacting members every day.

With the winter temperatures dropping and many of our members facing dangerously cold conditions on the job, the subject of the first ATU Bulletin is "Cold Weather Safety."

Come out to the next Black Caucus meeting Saturday, January 10th at 4:00 pm at the Union office and help us with event planning.

Our ATU 757 Valley Transit members in Walla Walla at their Safety Awards yesterday, December 19th. Congratulations to the members who received safety awards at the banquet!

Friday December 19th from 11 am to 1 pm at Westmoreland Manor. Tickets will be $15 at the door, plus $5 yearly dues. Any profits will be donated to ATU 757 Retirees. Lunch will be catered by Huber’s Restaurant, their famous turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Retiree Holiday Dinner Photos on Facebook>>

Friday December 19th from 11 am to 1 pm at Westmoreland Manor. Tickets will be $15 at the door, plus $5 yearly dues. Any profits will be donated to ATU 757 Retirees. Lunch will be catered by Huber’s Restaurant, their famous turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Everyone is invited. We will accept donations and no one will be turned away.

The Bylaws changes to Section 13 and 14 will be voted on at all January 2015 membership meetings. Bylaws changes>>

Congratulations to our Valley Transit ATU 757 members who voted yesterday to ratify their new contract!

Santa visited with ATU757 members and their children on Saturday, December 6th at the Salvation Army Rose Center on Sandy Blvd. in Portland. Santa 2014 Photos on Facebook>>

Congratulations to our Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council ATU 757 members who voted November 25th to ratify their first contract!

Actually Santa is coming to the Union Office via the Salvation Army Rose Center, December 6th from 10 am to 1 pm. DETAILS>>

Congratulations to our Tillamook County Transportation District ATU 757 members who voted Friday to ratify their new contract!

Congratulations to our Bend Paratransit ATU 757 members who voted Monday to ratify their new contract!

Tonight's (November 13th) Portland Public Schools/First Student Portland ATU 757 union meeting has been canceled due to the weather.

Open Enrollment Meetings | Schedule

ATU Vice President Jonathan Hunt, Financial Secretary Mary Longoria, Ben Fain, Warren Mills, Linda Jauron-Mills and Commissioner Amanda Fritz at the Portland Veteran's Day Parade on November 11th.

There has been conversation today regarding the medical open enrollment for 2015. You should receive your packets in the mail next week. We have been told that you will absolutely need to choose your plan and return your paperwork by 5:00 pm November 28th regardless of whether you have changes to your medical or not. If you do not return your paperwork in time you will be defaulted to the Kaiser Plan. There will be informational meetings at every garage. Please check for the posting. Open Enrollment Meetings Schedule

As you will know by now, the TriMet contract was ratified on October 24, 2014. It passed with 82.7% of the vote. The actual count was 1069 in favor, 225 against. This was a higher pass rate than the vote for the 2003 contract.

The agreement between the parties requires that TriMet pay money to certain employees in settlement of outstanding claims. We expect TriMet to disburse the money before the holidays or sooner. For more details>>

President Bruce Hansen said the Union’s members have voted to ratify a new TriMet contract. ATU ballots were counted today; TriMet’s Board of Directors unanimously approved the agreement earlier this week. The four-year contract goes into effect immediately, its term being December 1, 2012 through November 30, 2016. FULL PRESS RELEASE>>

Sunday, October 26th CANVASS FOR BRENT BARTON & JAMIE DAMON. Training will be available for first-time canvassers and lunch will be provided for volunteers. Details>>

Thursday, October 16th at 5:30 pm join your fellow ATU members down at the Oregon Labor Center (3645 SE 32nd Avenue in Portland) and get out the vote! Dinner and ATU t-shirts will be provided for volunteers. There are additional phone bank and canvassing opportunities listed. FLYER>>

On Sunday, october 19th, ATU 757 will be holding an Information Session to provide the details and answer any questions regarding the upcoming TriMet contract. This will be taking place at the Roofers' Union Local 49 from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. The address is 5032 SE 26th Ave, Portland 97202. FULL POSTING>>

TriMet and the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 757 have reached a tentative labor agreement. The parties reached this agreement with the assistance of State Conciliator Janet Gillman. The agreement sets the terms of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement for four years through November 30, 2016. FULL PRESS RELEASE>>

Attached for your review and duplication is the official 2014-2015 Joseph Welch Memorial Scholarship Application Form and instructions for potential applicants. The 2014-2015 scholarships are in remembrance of retired International Vice President Joseph Welch, who passed away on February 13, 2014.

This year, the program will consist of five scholarships each in the amount of $5000. In addition, a $2,000 scholarship may be awarded to a vocational school applicant. FULL STORY>>

Kids’ Chance of Oregon, a new nonprofit that provides post-secondary and trade school scholarships to children of Oregon workers who have been severely or fatally injured in a workplace accident, handed out its first scholarships Sept. 4 in the downtown Portland offices of Hoffman Construction. For more information about Kids’ Chance of Oregon, call Linda Barno, president, at 503-323-2812 or email her at FULL STORY>>

Join the Oregon AFL CIO at the Portland People's Climate March on Sunday, September 21st down at Waterfront Park. This will be part of a much larger march taking place around the world in support of climate action. Read More>>

At the October 20, 2014 Union charter meeting and continuation meetings a question regarding the payment of a bill from Morel Inc will be voted on by the members who are present. The bill is in the amount of $967.02 for the mailing and printing of a letter from the union president to all TriMet members and retirees. Posting>>

At the August 11th Charter meeting members in attendance made a motion that= the ATU 757 take an official stance against participating in TriMet's Bus Roadeo on September 13th until TriMet can bargain in good faith or until they restore all the benefits, not just the Roadeo. The motion carried and ATU 757 will not officially participate or support the TriMet Roadeo. Tracking Faster>>

The ATU sent out a Demand to Bargain letter in reaction to Lane Transit District attempting to install their new camera systems on their buses. We will keep you posted as this process moves forward. Demand to Bargain Letter>>

The ATU 757 office will be closed Monday, September 1, 2014 in honor of Labor Day. We will reopen on Tuesday, September 2nd, at 8:30 am.

The AFL CIO Labor Day Picnic will once again be held at Oaks Amusement Park. Ride bracelets are $9.50. See below for the train schedule.

Attached please find a copy of the schedule for the train to and from the AFL CIO Labor Day picnic. Flyer.

One of the most important events you can participate in at the AFL CIO Oaks Park Labor Day Picnic is our annual blood drive sponsored in partnership by Northwest Oregon Labor Council and Labor’s Community Service Agency for the American Red Cross. Your commitment saves lives. To avoid any wait to donate on Labor Day, we encourage you to make an appointment ahead of time. Details are on the attached flyer.

Congratulations to our members in the City of North Bonneville, who voted yesterday in favor of their new contract!

Lane Transit District employees join together to support Relay For Life. They had over 45 items donated for a raffle. Some of the items were Hand made. Thank you for all working to benefit such a good cause!

This weekend's ATU 757 and ATU International sponsored training on Health & Safety has been cancelled.

Please let us know if you will be attending this as we are trying to get a head count. It is open to the general membership. If you have questions please call Bruce on his cell at 971-300-2780.

This 20 minute video put out by Northwest Digital Video LLC movingly illustrates how TriMet retirees, who after years of service and agreeing to smaller pensions in exchange for health care coverage for themselves and their spouses, are facing financial uncertainty.

The National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (National Registry) is a new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) program. All commercial drivers whose current medical certificate expires on or after May 21, 2014, at expiration of that certificate must be examined by a medical professional listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Only medical examiners that have completed training and successfully passed a test on FMCSA's physical qualification standards will be listed on the National Registry. Go to the website>>

Here are a few photos from Mount Scott Park where the Retirees' picnic was held today. Here Retiree Board member Robert deBlock and Arlene Chambers are joined by Financial Secretary Mary Longoria.
Vice President Jonathan Hunt and Financial Secretary Mary Longoria watching as the announcements begin.
Lunch was provided by Terrell's Barbecue - pulled pork, shredded chicken, potato salad and beans.

The ATU 757 Retired Member Chapter’s picnic will be Wednesday, July 9th at 11:00 a.m. at Mount Scott, 5530 SE 72 Ave, Portland (503-823-3183) rather than Creston Park. Admission is $11.00.

Adidas store pass

Wear your union shirt and remind parade-goers that LGBT businesses should be labor friendly too, and show the community that labor is an ally. We will begin walking around noon, however parade officials will not allow others to join the parade while in progress, so please be there by 11:00 am. Portland Pride FLYER>>

Ben Fain Jr. Won the outstanding support for organized labor Saturday night at the Labor Appreciation & Recognition Dinner. Congratulations Ben!

In order to receive reimbursement from the ATU 757 - TriMet Child/Elder Care program, please have paperwork and receipts submitted to the Union office by June 13, 2014. Reimbursement for this six month period is $700.00 per member.

Click to read about and see video of TriMet bus driver Bill Clark saving barefoot toddler from Division Street traffic in Gresham

The ATU 757 Retired Member Chapter’s picnic will be Wednesday, July 9th at 11:00 a.m. at Creston Park, SE 44th Ave & Powell Blvd, Portland. Admission is $10.00.

Full document

Today, the bus operators union filed unfair labor practice charges against TriMet charging that the agency’s top managers have bargained in bad faith. “TriMet spent thousands of public relations dollars claiming that its 44-year unfunded retiree medical insurance obligation (OPEB) has to be eliminated. Yet, getting TriMet to provide timely, complete, accurate information about health insurance and that unfunded obligation has been impossible,” says Bruce Hansen, the Amalgamated Transit Union president. FULL PRESS RELEASE | Unfair Labor Practice

On Saturday, May 17th, ATU 757 Financial Secretary Treasurer Mary Longoria and First Student Portland Executive Board Officer Anna Tompte met with First Student Portland Liaison Officer Alex Smith and Shop Steward Pippa Pizor and Sally Headrick.
They moved all donations to the Union office parking lot to organize the donated food from the food drive into individual boxes packaged for families to pick up.
Families in need notified one of their representatives that they were interested in participating and were told to come pick up a box on May 17th.
The winner of the Food Drive's Raffle on April 12th generously redonated their gift card back to those in need and the funds were used to purchase toilet paper and laundry soap which were added to each family's box.

Join us July 12, 2014 from noon until 5:00 pm at Normandale Park for the Paratransit Drivers' United picnic. Activities will include softball, croquet, yard darts, and volleyball. THere will be an off leash area for your dogs and a play area for your kids. Sign up to bring meat to grill, your favorite dish to share, or beverages. Please contact Kathy Brown (503) 819-9065 or Cathy Redwine (503) 332-6133 if you would like to help. Flyer>>

Our Rogue Valley Transportation District members voted in favor of their contract overwhelmingly on Friday night . Congratulations Bruce

CALL TO ACTION Any member wishing to attend a training class on grievances and arbitration, please email with your contact information.

First Student Portland's ATU members overwhelmingly voted down First Student's last, best and final offer yesterday and authorized a strike.

First Student Portland's ATU members are voting on First Student's Last, Best and Final contract offer today at their Columbia Yard location.
First Student Liaison Officer Alex SMith, Shop Steward Pippa Pizor, ATU Financial Secretary Mary Longoria, and Vice President Jonathan Hunt at the First Student vote.

Congratulations to our brothers and sisters at CTRAN clerical and Passenger service reps who overwhelmingly voted in favor of their contract!

Good in the Hood is seeking participants for many positions. If you are interested in being a part of this event, please call 971 302-6380. Flyer>>

Join your Amalgamated Transit Union brothers and sisters at the May Day Rally on Thursday, May 1, 2014. Meet in the South Park Blocks around the Shemanski Fountain for the rally at 3:00 pm and the march at 4:00 pm. FLYER>>

C-TRAN Operator Shelly Rockhold will retain her seniority minus the time she was away from work, based on the vote of the C-TRAN membership.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to First Student's Food Bank. Below Joe Clyde and Pippa Pizor, drivers for First Student Portland, stand with ATU Financial Secretary Treasurer Mary Longoria at Saturday's Food Bank

Everyone who assisted at the Union office on Saturday

First Student Driver Joe Clyde posting signs

First Student Drivers Pippa Pizor and Kris Strane load the truck to go to storage

Drop off food at the ATU 757 Food bank on Saturday, April 12th between 9 am and 2 pm and enter to win a $100 Fred Meyer gift card. You do not have to be present to win. Thank you for supporting your local workers. FLYER>>

Please join us in supporting our ATU 757 Union Brothers and Sisters who work for First Student in Portland. They have voted to strike and will need a “food pantry” that will sustain their families during the strike. Remember, when you board your children on a school bus it may be an ATU 757 member. Let’s stand together in solidarity and help our fellow members.

We will be collecting your non-perishable donations Saturday, April 12th, 2014 in the ATU 757 office parking lot from 9 am to 2 pm. We look forward to seeing you there. FLYER>>

Join us at the Community Labor solidarity Gathering: Building a Brighter Future for Working Families. Full Story>>

Financial Secretary Treasurer Mary Longoria and OPAL/Bus Riders Unite took to the streets Wednesday, March 26th, 2014, outside the TriMet Board Meeting in support of the 3 Hour Transfer.

At the TriMet Board of Directors' Meeting

Last Monday the Union sent out a press release pointing out that, this year, mostly top managers and highly technical people got paid in excess of their budgeted salaries. In response, TriMet's PR department rushed to send out an email claiming that the excess money was an annual payout for unused vacations rather than bonuses.

Even if that were true, the PR department folks failed to make their point. What they did was prove the Union's point: The income inequality gap is widening at TriMet. FULL STORY>>

“TriMet’s new budget proposal reveals a disturbing trend,” says Amalgamated Transit Union 757 president, Bruce Hansen. “It contains evidence of an ever-increasing income gap between the wages of top managers and the wages of every other TriMet employee.” Hansen says the bonuses that top managers have given themselves just this year are a clear example of that widening gap. FULL STORY>>|Attachment

These four videos were produced by MetroEast Community Media in conjunction with Paulette Rossi and ATU 757 in honor of Bus Driver Appreciation Day, March 18th, 2014.These videos show that the riding public does appreciate everything you do. Amalgamated Transit Union 757 salutes drivers and all our members who keep the community moving and safe. They are currently running on public access stations in the Portland Metro area and Marion and Lane Counties. To the videos>>

Today TriMet's Board meeting included yet another plea from the transit union president that the workforce be allowed to partner with the Board in solving TriMet's alleged financial woes. FULL STORY>>|Attachment

Workers from Darigold member dairies in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington State have reported ongoing violations of wage theft, animal abuse, unsanitary restrooms and lunch rooms, lack of drinking water, lack of rest or meal breaks, among other abuses but Darigold has yet to resolve then. The workers have attempted to communicate with Darigold since 2011. They held marches at the Portland plant, and had rallies and marches at their headquarters asking to be heard. At one point the workers took a petition with over 20,000 signatures and delivered it to their headquarters in Seattle. It was not until last month that Darigold finally opened its doors to the worker and had a conversation about the reported violations. The workers are continuing to mobilize at the Darigold plants in an effort to move them to take immediate steps to remedy the reported abuses. FULL STORY>>

Please join us this Wednesday, February 26th 9:00 am at the TriMet Board Meeting to stress to the Board the importance of our health care and the need for our participation in this matter.

Portland Building, Room C, 1120 SW 5th, Portland

2013 Coach Operator of the Year

Shop Steward Randy Smith and Coach Operator of the Year Todd Shade

The Valentine's Bus

The designer, Paulette Rossi

Please email the Portland School Board today: Tell them to settle a fair contract NOW with teachers and support the schools our students deserve! More information>>

"As a testament to just how treacherous the storm became on Saturday and Sunday, TriMet was, for the first time in its history, called on to provide emergency service to medical centers."

TriMet's more luxurious bathroom accomodations during snow/ice... One of many stuck buses on Saturday.
Maintenance folks prepping buses to go out into service.
Another maintenance worker assisting in getting chains on the bus Friday night at North Terminal.

"I just want to commend you for the great service you provided in the difficult weather on Friday evening. I flew in from Boston and was able to make it to Tigard on the MAX and bus 12 without any difficulty. The driver of the 12 bus did an outstanding job of driving in the snow." Click here to read more weather event commendations from around the cityWinter Storm 2014 Reaction>>

I was informed today by TriMet’s front line employees that they were asked to perform work outside of their normal work assignments. As an example, they were asked to take their buses around the shop and wait in line to have chains installed, all while in an unpaid status.

I would advise all front line employees that if they are asked to do something outside of their scheduled assignment to fill out a time slip. You should be paid for all work performed.

During inclement weather remember to take your breaks and to eat properly and to put safety above all.

Full story>>

'You have to sneak in humanity,' says TriMet LIFT driver

Today, the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office released its TriMet Audit Report to the public. TriMet’s front line employees and their union, ATU 757, are grateful to the legislators who called for the audit and to the Secretary of State who supported conducting it. The audit presented an historical opportunity to get to the heart of the critical issues that brought the agency’s performance to the attention of state lawmakers. Upon initial review, it appears that opportunity has, unfortunately, fallen short of its potential. Read full release>> |Attachment

Here's a link to the page on OPB where you can listen to the audio of today's Think Out Loud discussion on the Secretary of State's TriMet Audit Report. LINK>>

This is a link to the Secretary of State's audit of TriMet. Later this afternoon the Union’s response to the audit will be provided to you:
Audit Link

Congratulations to all the RVTD employees who were recognized at their awards banquet.
The members sing Happy Birthday to our very own Mary Longoria.

We started a journey just over a year ago to pull back the curtain on decision making and spending at TriMet. Last week, a discussion of labor issues at Portland State University took place that has so many parallels to TriMet, you’ll be amazed when you read it. Here’s the real eye-opener: the core issue, according to PSU sociology professor Jose Padin, is the rise of a self-serving administrative class that is no longer concerned with the mission that front line workers are struggling to fulfill everyday. Check out this quote: “Our institutions are being run by a class of people that [are] an enemy to our mission. To them, education and public service is a secondary interest. They are interested in their own personal careers.”

Wow! Please read the article and see if it doesn’t put a whole new perspective on what’s been happening for years at TriMet – and why the toxic culture there has to change...

Strikes on the Horizon

Listen here for Dispatch's real time recording of this TriMet operator's traumatic assault.

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