ATU Local 757, Portland, OR

Financial Secretary-Treasurer's Report for May
Union Brother in Need
By Evette Farra, Financial Secretary-Treasurer

We have a union brother who is in great need of our help. David Cahill is an ATU 757 member out of the NELA lift yard who has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. David has worked at this location for more than seven years, and for the first time, has worked enough hours to qualify for health insurance. However, his treatment has been completely delayed due to management not providing the necessary paperwork after he qualified for insurance.

Should we be surprised? David works for First Transit, the lowest bidder when TriMet contracted the lift service out. Companies like these come in from overseas and treat their workers this way, then take the profits back overseas. We are facing a strike in both of the lift locations that are run by First Transit.

Stomach cancer can be caused by diesel fumes, so any one of us could be in Davidís situation in this industry. David understands that his cancer has progressed to the point that it will take a miracle for him to survive, but as we know, miracles can happen, and he is going to fight it all the way. He is fighting not only for himself but for his 29 year-old-son, his 17-year-old son whom he is raising who is in high school and not ready to face the world on his own, and his six grandchildren. I have asked David to set up an account so his fellow union brothers and sisters may help by donating money to keep a roof over his head and food on the table while he progresses through this treatment. You may donate to the Contribution Account at all OnPoint Community Credit Unionís in David Cahillís name. If you bank at OnPoint, you may donate to the Contribution Account over the phone by calling 503-228-7077. Please keep him in your thoughts. You will be updated. Thank You!

Evette Farra

Link to Cahill Benefit Flyer.

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